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Anyone with a paid off vehicle can borrow $2,500 or more with an auto title loan. We don't require good credit and you can get you funds in less than 24 hours!

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      Do you have a car, truck, or motorcycle that's fully paid off and titled in your name? Are you struggling to get approved for a personal loan from a local lender in SF that requires perfect credit? Why not take out a title loan that uses your vehicle as collateral? These secured loans allow you to borrow far more than you'd get from an unsecured lender and there's often no credit check requirements! Express Car Title Loans has been providing access to title loans in San Francisco for over 6 years and we can get you an initial quote and payoff amount in minutes!


      All we need to complete your application online is basic details about your vehicle, contact information, and lending history. We'll get you a same day quote in minutes right after you apply.


      You can call us anytime during normal business hours and speak to a helpful agent. Call 888-864-7180 to apply over the phone and get an instant approval quote


      Do you live in California? We have offices throughout the state and there's a good chance you can apply in person with Express Car Title Loans. Complete the application and inspection in just one visit!
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      Express Car Title Loans knows what it takes to get approved for a title loan in San Francisco and our agents can take your application over the phone at 888-864-7180 or online 24/7. We work with many local direct lenders in SF that offer the highest funding amounts and best repayment terms for customers with vehicles valued at $4,000 or more. So don't wait any longer! Get a fast online estimate and see how much you can borrow with an auto equity loan today.

      Rates & Terms For San Francisco Title Loans
      The APR for a title loan in San Francisco depends on your lending profile, vehicle value, and underwriting criteria. Most customers will get an interest rate of 30 to 40% and title loan funding amounts range from $2,500 to $50,000 in San Francisco. Other fees and charges may include an early payoff fee, document preparation fee, and credit check fee.


      Requirements For A Title Loan In San Francisco

      Vehicle ownership: You must be the only owner of the vehicle, which means that the title document must be in your name and fully paid off.  Also, no outstanding liens or other loans against the car. 

      Proof of insurance: Depending on the model and other factors, insurance coverage is required to make sure the vehicle is protected against any type of potential damage. 

      Registration: Your vehicle must be registered in the state of California. 

      Proof of income: You must be able to repay your loan. Pay stubs or bank statements can all be used as verification. 

      ID & Residency: We need to make sure that you live in San Francisco or in the state of CA. If you provide us with your driver's license or any other ID card, you should be good to go! 


      Can I Get A Title Loan In San Francisco With Bad Credit

      Yes, title loans are easy to get, even with a bad credit score. Most of the time you don’t even need to worry about your FICO score, since Express Car Title Loans underwrites your loan based on the value of your car, not your credit history. Apply today and see how easy it is to get a title loan in San Francisco with lending options up to $25,000! 


      What Else Should I Know About Title Loans in SF

      Your vehicle can be repossessed: Any time you take out a title loan, you risk having your vehicle repossessed because of missed payments. Don't fall into this trap! Contact your lender if there's a chance you may default on the payments. They should be willing to work with you and setup a repayment plan so you can get back on track.

      The repayment terms are up to you: Express Car Title Loans will let you determine how many months you need to repay the loan. You'll save money paying off the loan quicker, so try to pay as much money as you can to avoid excess interest rates.

      Interest rates for a San Francisco title loan are manageable: Most short term lenders in California have interest rates that are way above the 30-40% you'll see with a title loan. Make your payments on time each month and see if your lender is open to negotiating the rate down with a refinance!

      A title loan may not be your best option: Online title loans are great for people with poor credit or those who need cash fast. But what about if you have a decent FICO score or if you don't mind waiting a few days for an unsecured lender to underwrite your loan? In that case, a bank loan or cash advance from your credit card may be a better option as you dont need to put up any collateral to get approved.

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