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    There's no obligation to get a quote with Express Car Title Loans! Submit your vehicle information and we'll tell you how much your car is worth and what you qualify for.

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    We promise fast processing online or over the phone. You can also complete the paperwork, underwriting, and inspection in person at any of our local offices.

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    Don't wait days to get your money. Apply with Express Car Title Loans online to get cash in 24 hours or less! Money can be sent by direct deposit or ACH right to your bank account.
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    It Doesn't Have To Cost A Lot To Take Out A Title Loan!

    At Express Car Title Loans, we can get you funded for a secured loan, often within one business day. Just because you’ve been denied for most other short term loans doesn’t mean you can’t qualify with us! Most applicants can qualify for a title loan as long as they have a fully paid off vehicle. The amount you can borrow with a secured loan will depend on vehicle value and the state you reside in. Borrow $2,500 or more with most online title loans!
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    There are multiple ways to apply with Express Car Title Loans. But the easiest and fastest way is to apply with us online. Start with our online application, and after that, we'll contact you to verify your vehicle info and employment details. We'll then notify you of our lending decision, and if approved, the funds can be deposited in your checking account, or you can get a money order that day! No matter what you need, Express Car Title Loans can get you approved for a title loan of $2,500 to $15,000 in California! So what are you waiting for? See how much equity you have in your car or truck and apply today!


    This is the easiest way to apply with Express Car Title Loans. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the application and you can expect a funding decision within minutes.


    Call us anytime to get a real time quote in less than 15 minutes. We have agents available who can break down your monthly payment and estimated repayment terms.


    Some applicants feel more comfortable filling out an application for a title loan in person. Anyone near one of our local offices can apply face to face and get money in less than an hour.

    Interest Rates & Fees With Online Title Loans
    The interest rate or "APR" for a title loan are often high and that's because these loans are intended for borrowers with bad credit who need fast cash. The APR ranges from 35% in states such as California, to 150% in Florida and Texas. Fees and early payoff charges will also vary as each state has different restrictions for licensed lenders.

    How Does An Express Car Title Loan Work

    Title loans allow anyone with a car or truck to borrow money using just the equity in their vehicle. A lender holds the vehicle's title as collateral and that car or truck is the security for your loan. You'll can keep driving your car while you make the monthly loan payments as there's no requirement to give up the keys.

    These loans are available with funding amounts between $1,000 and $25,000, and applicants can qualify with just their car's title, proof of income, and valid vehicle registration info. Did you notice there are no major credit requirements? Most lenders offering vehicle title loans won't check your credit or worry about any recent missed payments! At Express Car Title Loans, we are mostly concerned with the equity in your vehicle. Cars and trucks that have a resale value of $5,000 or more should have no trouble qualifying! Your credit score is less important than the value of your vehicle!

    What Happens After I'm Pre-Approved

    Once your application is pre-approved, we'll present you with a loan agreement that spells out your monthly payment, loan amount, and the general terms and conditions of your car collateral loan. Each loan offer is different, and your terms will often depend on the title loan value of your vehicle and the state you reside in. Once you agree to a lending term we'll schedule a quick vehicle inspection to check out your car and ensure it matches the current resale value of similar vehicles. This inspection can typically be completed the same day you apply and shouldn't last any longer than 30 minutes.

    The final step entails you agreeing to a loan amount and repayment term. You'll then sign the contract and we'll set a time to grab the vehicle's pink slip and give you your cash. The entire process of getting money with auto title loans takes just a few hours and some customers can walk away with $5,000 or more in vehicle equity. So don't wait any longer. Apply online with Express Car Title Loans or call us at 888-864-7180 today!