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      Are you struggling to make ends meet and need cash today to pay your bills? Express Car Title Loans offers fast cash for your vehicle's title with loan amounts up to $20,000. But what about if you don't have a paid off vehicle or are only looking for a few thousand dollars? Did you know you can use your vehicle registration as collateral for a loan?  Registration loans allow vehicle owners to borrow $200 to $2,000; you don't need good credit or a clean and clear vehicle title. Let's discuss what you need for a registration loan and the lending terms!


      Registration Loan Requirements

      Express Car Title Loans offers registration loans in Arizona and a few other states. We only need your MVD documentation showing the vehicle is registered in your name. With these types of loans, there's no need for a lien-free car title, and you can borrow $1,000 or more with same-day funding if you apply before 10:00 a.m. MST. Some companies will want proof of income and vehicle insurance, but these requirements aren't as strict as if you were applying for a title loan.

      A registration loan allows you to borrow money when you have nowhere else to turn. The requirements are minimal and you can often get the documents submitted and underwritten in less than an hour. These loans are usually given through car title loan companies instead of registration agencies because online lenders offer more collateral options. The lender will keep the registration document and all other vital information about the car, including insurance information and proof of registration.


      How Are Registration Loans Different From Car Title Loans

      Registration loans differ from car title loans because you don’t use the car title as collateral for the money you borrow. Instead, you use the vehicle’s registration as collateral. Registration loans often lead to lower loan amounts, but that makes sense because the amount of equity is lower with a car registration versus the actual pink slip.

      Registration agencies, car dealerships, and car title loan companies offer many registration loans. A registration loan works like a lien against the registration without turning over the physical ownership of your vehicle. You will continue to own your registration, but your lender can use it as collateral for the registration loan.

      Most lenders do not offer registration loans unless the borrower has a clear history of credit payments and repayment plans with previous lenders. The title loan company may also run a credit report to check for recently missed payments or other active loans.

      Another difference between registration loans and title loans is the loan amount. Express Car Title Loans offers loans on a pink slip for $2,500 and up, while most registration loans are underwritten for less than $1,000. While these loan amounts are lower than some customers request, they typically result in fewer underwriting requirements than a title loan, and some customers can be approved and funded in just hours.


      Woman with MVD paperwork for her registration loan in Arizona.


      Where Can I Get A Registration Loan

      Registration loans are offered in many of the same states where you can get a car title loan. In some states like Arizona, Express Car Title Loans offer registration loans just as often as car title loans. However, registration loan companies may only offer registration loans in other states in limited circumstances. Arizona has become a popular state for registration loans, and multiple companies that don’t even provide title loans are pushing registration loans! These lenders are primarily based in Phoenix, and you can apply online or in person!

      So, what is a registration loan? A registration loan is a chance to refinance your registration online, so you don’t have to turn over vehicle ownership. Registration lenders use this information as collateral instead of using your pink slip and vehicle’s certificate of ownership. If you want to avoid losing these important documents when refinancing, registration loans might be for you.


      How Long Does It Take To Get A Registration Loan

      It typically takes less than 24 hours to receive approval for a registration loan. Once you complete our online application or call us at 888-864-7180, we'll start underwriting your application. We'll need documentation from the MVD, and in some cases, we'll confirm your income and vehicle information and run a quick credit check. Even with all that, processing and underwriting your application takes a few hours. Once approved, you'll sign a lending contract and have the chance to pick up your funds in person or have the money sent to a bank account within one business day.


      How Much Does A Registration Loan Cost - What Is The APR

      Registration loans typically have higher interest rates than loans from a bank or credit union because they're considered high risk by most lenders. Interest rates can approach 100% for a registration loan, which shows that these loans can be costly if you don't pay them back early. You should only take out a registration loan if you have nowhere else to turn and work to pay off the loan in a matter of weeks to void the high APR. 


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