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Get an auto title loan in Fresno with your vehicle as the collateral. All credit types are accepted and we offer up to $50,000 with Express Car Title Loans!

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      We Offer Instant Approval Title Loans In Fresno

      Express Car Title Loans has provided car title loans in California for years and now we can help anyone with a Fresno title loan. These secured loans use equity from your vehicle as collateral and you can still qualify with bad credit. We hold the car's pink slip as security while you make the required payments and you'll the car's title back after the loan has bee repaid.

      Loan amounts depend on your vehicle's resale value and your ability to repay the loan. As of 2024, residents of Fresno can borrow $2,500 to $20,000 and you can expect a final quote to be based on using 60% of the vehicle's value as collateral. Don't want any longer to see how much you can qualify for. Contact Express Car Title Loans today to get a no hassle quote with the chance to get same day direct deposit funding if you apply before 2pm PST!


      It takes less than 3 minutes to complete our online application. After that, we'll review and underwrite your loan, with the possibility for same day funding.

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      Do you want to speak with one of our agents and have them walk you through the application? We can do everything over the phone and get you approved in one business day.


      Some customers prefer to meet with a local direct lender. Express Car Title Loans has a network of neighborhood companies in Fresno and we'll match you with a local company.
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      It's Easy To Get A Car Title Loan In Fresno

      A title loan is easy to get if you have a lien free vehicle and can verify income. It takes just a few hours to underwrite a title loan versus the days and weeks it takes to get cash with a personal loan or line of credit! Express Car Title Loans can send you cash for your vehicle within 24 hours! Anyone in Fresno can qualify for fast funding and don't waste anymore time evaluating your loan offers. Apply with us today!

      Rates & Terms To Expect With A Car Title Loan
      The APR and repayment term for a Fresno title loan is set in accordance with California State Law. These regulations recently changed and as of 2024, the maximum interest rate is 36% plus the Federal Funds Rate. Expect lower interest rates with an online title loan in Fresno because of these interest rate caps! The repayment term for a loan over $2,500 ranges from 12 to 46 months.


      Requirements For A Fresno Title Loan

      Lien Free Vehicle: You must own a paid off vehicle in your name. The vehicle's title must be in your possession with no other lienholders. All title loans in CA require the car's title to be signed over to the lender before you can get the cash.

      Proof of Registration and Insurance: The vehicle must have full coverage and be registered in CA. You can get a new or updated copy during business hours at the Fresno DMV location on Olive Ave.

      Proof of Income: Like any bank loan, we need to know you have enough income to afford the payments. Any employment record, pay stubs, or checking account statement will work.

      Vehicle Inspection: An in person vehicle inspection is often required for a title loan in Fresno. Even if you apply online, we'll still need to verify that the vehicle runs and has no significant mechanical issues.

      Proof of ID & Residency: We need evidence of California residency. Any driver's license or ID card will be acceptable.


      Bad Credit Title Loans In Fresno - How They Work

      Title loans are possible for anyone with bad credit because your FICO score does not factor into your approval. Instead of looking at your borrowing history, we look at what type of security you have to back up the loan. In Fresno, many vehicles are valued at $2,500 or more, and most cars and trucks are entirely paid off. Express Car Title Loans used that collateral as security for the loan amount, and with that, there's far less need for good credit.  The only times when your credit history becomes an issue is when you're dealing with bankruptcy or have had a recent vehicle repossession. Even in these scenarios, you can still get an online title loan if there's enough equity in your car! Apply with Express today to see how easy it is to get a title loan in the Central Valley!


      Apply For Fast Funding Title Loans

      Do you need money today to pay for emergency expenses or other bills? You have cash in your vehicle, so why not use that equity as collateral for a loan? Apply with Express Car Title Loans to see how much you can borrow. You may be able to borrow $5,000 or more and get cash in hand that same day. Call 888-864-7180 or apply online today!

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