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Apply today with Express Car Title Loans to cash out equity from your vehicle. We offer fast approval for title loans in Bakersfield and most newer cars can qualify.

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      We Offer Fast Cash In 24 Hours For A Bakersfield Title Loan

      These types of loans are ideal for someone looking for a fast way to get cash, with no inspection requirements and FICO score check. We take the equity of your car to determine the loan amount and keep your car's title as collateral. Meanwhile, you keep driving, without affecting your daily routine and once you fully pay back the loan, we return your title!

      By complying with the basic requirements, you can get approved in less than 24 hours! Express Car Title Loans knows what you need to get approved for a Bakersfield title loan so don't wait any longer! Reach out to us today to see how much money you can borrow.


      Apply online with Express and we can get you a quick lending estimate that shows your expected interest rate and monthly payment. All we need is contact details and your vehicle's year make and model.

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      Call us anytime of the day to speak with our friendly customer service agents. We can take your application over the phone and get you a real time quote with payment options and loan amounts.


      Are you a California resident? If so, there's no reason why you can meet with us in person. We have offices all over the state and accept walk-ins anytime. Complete your vehicle inspection and get funded in one business day!
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      Borrow money today with a title loan in Bakersfield!

      At Express Car Title Loans, we can present you with the best loan options in the market! If you have a fully paid-off car under your name and the official title document, you can be approved. Most of our customers don't have the best FICO score, that's why they consider getting a loan and therefore, rebuild their financial opportunities. Our customer service agents are prepared to provide you with all the assistance and answers you need. Getting a loan here in Bakersfield is easy and doesn't require much of your time. Borrow $5,000 with a car title loan and compare interest rates to decide for yourself why we can be your best option.

      Rates & Terms For Title Loans in Bakersfield. All title loans issued to residents of Bakersfield are subject to state regulations covering short term loans. As of 2024, all title loans are subject to an interest rate cap of 36% with a repayment term of 12 to 48 months. You may also be subject to late fees, early repayment fees, and credit check fees in certain situations.


      What Do I Need To Get A Title Loan In Bakersfield

      Paid Off Vehicle: The car needs to be fully paid off and registered in your name. You also need your title document so it can be signed over to the lender and then you can get the cash.

      Valid ID: A valid document like your driver's license is essential to verify your address and that you live in Bakersfield. 

      Proof Of Insurance: We must ensure your car is protected with a comprehensive insurance policy.

      Income Verification: Any bank statement or pay stub is enough to validate you can repay the loan amount in the period agreed upon by both parties.

      Registration: This is to confirm your car is registered with the CA DMV. 

      Vehicle Inspection: Finally, an inspection might be required to verify that your car matches the value from our database and make you the final offer. This process usually takes 30 minutes or less and can secure more money. 


      How Much Can I Get And How Do I Get My Cash

      You can borrow $2,500 up to $50,000 in Bakersfield! It all depends on the model and year of your car, the conditions, and if you have the necessary documents to move forward. You can apply today and have cash sent to your bank account by direct deposit or bank wire within one business day. It only takes a few minutes to see how much money you can get! 


      I Have Bad Credit. Can I Still Get Approved?

      Yes, you can! Don't worry about your credit score or lending profile. We can still help you get a loan since we don't do regular checks like banks or other finance companies do. We consider the value of your vehicle and your title to guarantee payments. Call Express Car Title Loans at 888-864-7180 to get cash with a title loan in Bakersfield today!

      Express Car Title Loans offers car title loans throughout the state. Check out our other locations in CA!