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Cash out equity from your car or truck with a same day title loan. Anyone in Riverside can qualify with just a paid off vehicle and proof of income. We offer loans up to $50,000.

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      We Offer Fast Approval Title Loans In Riverside

      You don't need to wait days or weeks to get an approval notification from Express Car Title Loans. We can process and underwrite your application in minutes. There's a good chance you can get funded that same day if you have your pink slip and proof of income ready to go. Express Car Title Loans has worked with borrowers in Riverside for years and we know what you need to get the highest loan amount for your vehicle. In some cases you can borrow up to 65% of the vehicle's resale value, and that means loan amounts of up to $50,000 for well qualified cars, trucks, and SUVs.


      It takes just a few minutes to complete the Express Car Title Loans online application. All we need is basic info about the make and model of your vehicle and some contact details. We'll call you after we receive the application and get you a real time quote.

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      Do you feel more comfortable applying with someone over the phone? Well, Express Car Title Loans has you covered. Call us at 888-864-7180 and we'll get you a real time quote for a title loan in Riverside today!


      Express Car Title Loans has offices throughout Southern California, making you just a short drive away from us if you live in San Bernardino or Riverside. We can process your information in less than an hour and complete the inspection in just one visit.
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      Get Cash Now With An Auto Title Loan In Riverside

      At Express Car Title Loans we can get you cash for any paid off vehicle that's in good condition. The car has to be titled in your name and you can't have any other liens or cosigners on the pink slip. Besides the car's pink slip, we need to verify income and confirm you can afford the monthly payments.

      Meet those two qualification requirements and you should have no trouble getting approved for an online title loan in Riverside. Unlike personal loan companies, there's a good chance we won't even check your FICO score. Call us at 888-864-7180 to get funded today!

      Rates & Terms For Riverside Title Loans
      The APR and repayment terms for a title loan in Riverside are the same as anywhere else in CA. As of 2024, interest rates are capped at 36% for title loans between $2,500 and $10,000. Loan amounts over $10,000 have no interest rate restrictions. The payment terms for a title loan are based on how much you borrow and your desired monthly payment. Expect a repayment term of 8 to 48 months.


      What's Required To Get A Title Loan In Riverside

      Vehicle Under Your Name: The vehicle and title document must be under your name and fully paid off, with no other loans or lienholders. 

      Proof Of Income: There is a verification process to ensure you can make the monthly payments. Bank statements or payroll receipts are valid options. 

      Vehicle Registration: We must ensure your vehicle is registered with the California DMV. 

      Insurance Policy: With an insurance policy we know your car is protected in case of any possible incident or theft, securing the best possible loan amount for your vehicle.

      Residency and Identification: Get a car title loan in Riverside, CA, with a valid driver's license or ID document showing that you live in the city or state.  

      Vehicle Inspection: We provide efficient vehicle inspections to ensure your car matches the current resale value in Riverside. This process can help you secure a higher loan amount. It only takes 30 minutes or less and can be done in our multiple locations.

      Monthly Payment and Loan Amounts To Expect With Express Car Title Loans

      At Express Car Title Loans, we provide multiple payment options once you apply online. In just a few minutes, you can receive a call from one of our customer service representatives who will guide you through the process. The monthly payments are subject to the value of your car and how much time you want to establish for the repayment. 

      What Else Do I Need To Know About Riverside Title Loans

      Want to pay early? There are no penalties for paying off your loan early. If you can afford the extra payments, you'll save considerable interest.

      Keep driving your car: We understand you need your vehicle to continue with your daily routine, so we only keep your car title as collateral so you can keep driving! Just make sure to follow the established payments you'll be on track to repay the loan in a matter of months. 

      Bad credit score? No problem: We focus on your car's equity, so don't worry if you don't have the best FICO score. You can get approved in just one business day if you meet all the other requirements! 

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      Express Car Title Loans offers car title loans throughout the state. Check out our other locations in CA!