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Apply for fast cash funding with Express Car Title Loans. We are a licensed title loan company in Arizona and we offer same day approval and funding for auto title loans in Yuma.

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      We understand how time consuming getting a personal loan can be. Applying for a car title loan with Express Car Title Loans means a fast and easy way to get cash with the equity in your car instead of a credit score. That's right; your vehicle helps you secure a loan through a process that can be done entirely online and can get you an an approval decision in just a few hours. We focus on helping you get the money you need alongside the best service and repayment plans. If you're interested in car title loans in Yuma then you've found the right place. Read on to find out how these secured loans work and what the exact requirements are!


      Just complete out our online form to find out how much money you can borrow. We process your application and contact you immediately to verify the vehicle details and funding decision.

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      Express Car Title Loans is a licensed direct lender in Yuma. Meet with us in person anywhere in Arizona to get cash for your vehicle's equity. We provide same day cash funding for anyone with a vehicle that's paid off.
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      Bad credit is not a problem when you apply for a car title loan in Yuma

      Are you struggling with bad credit? We can help you get a short term loan when other lenders only want to turn you down. We encourage clients with every type of credit history to apply and see for themselves how much money they can get with the equity from their car or truck. Bad credit is not a huge deal since we take use your car's title as collateral for a loan. You only have to worry about the monthly payments and repayment terms. Once you finish repaying, we will give your car title back. We understand financial emergencies can happen to anyone, which drives us to help and offer you the best car title loan with the best interest rates in Yuma, AZ.

      Rates & Terms To Expect With A Car Title Loan In Yuma
      The APR for a title loan in Yuma starts at 30% and some customers will see an interest rate approaching 120%. Yes those rates are high and you should try to refinance or pay down your balance as quickly as possible. You can also expect fess with your title loan in Arizona. These fees include, late payment fees, early payoff charges, and credit check fees where applicable.


      Yuma Title Loan Requirements

      Vehicle And Clear Title: You must be the car's owner and have the car title with no other loans attached to it. The vehicle has to be completely paid off.

      Government-issued ID: We need to verify that you're a resident of Arizona. A driver's license, state-issued ID, or passport is acceptable.

      Insurance Policy: Since we take your car title as collateral, we must verify the car is protected against any potential damage. 

      Income Verification: Any proof of income, such as bank statements or payroll receipts, shows you can repay the loan. 

      Vehicle inspection: Most of the time, this is a process where we ask you for some photos of your car from different angles. However, in some cases, we'll need to inspect the vehicle in person, which can be done at multiple locations in Yuma.


      What Are The Advantages of Car Title Loans In Yuma

      Get Fast Cash: Express Car Title Loans offers one of the fastest ways to secure a loan with your title. You can get funded in 24 hours or less. 

      Keep Driving Your Vehicle: We never ask for the keys. Keep them and continue driving the vehicle while making payments on time. 

      We Say Yes To You: We have a high approval rate for customers with equity in their vehicles. Most 2008 and newer cars will qualify for a title loan in Yuma! You are good to go as long as you have the basic requirements, like a car title and proof of income! 

      The Best Terms: We will strive to get you the best deal with the best interest rates and payoff details for an auto title loan in Arizona. Call Express Car Title Loans at 888-864-7180 to get started on your application!

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