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      There's no getting around a cash crunch and we all face situations where we need to borrow money quickly. So what are you going to do if you're turned down for a personal loan or if a payday loan company only offers a few hundred dollars? Perhaps it's time to consider a car title loan that uses the equity from your vehicle as collateral! Express Car Title Loans can offer a fast and efficient solution to not only borrow $1,000 or more, but also to get approved for a loan without a credit check. We offer these car title loans in Phoenix to anyone with a lien free vehicle and most customers can qualify and be underwritten for a loan in less than an hour!. Apply now to find out how easy it is to get a title loan with Express Car Title Loans!


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      We can get you a lending estimate in minutes! Anyone in Phoenix with a paid off vehicle can qualify!

      At Express Car Title Loans we know how difficult it is to get approved for an unsecured loan. Because of that, we make getting a car title loan easier than ever for anyone with a vehicle that's titled in their name! We often won't check your credit score when you apply, and the most important requirement is that you have a paid-off vehicle. We'll use that vehicle as collateral for your loan. Keep driving the car; we only need a clean and clear title to show that you're the only owner of the vehicle. With your car's pink slip, you can get approved in minutes for a title loan in Phoenix!

      Rates & Terms To Expect With A Car Title Loan in PHX
      The APR for a title loan in Phoenix is based on lending regulations in Arizona. As of 2024, title loans of $500 to $5,000 have an interest rate of 14% monthly. Loan amounts of $5,000 or more will have an interest rate of 10%. Repayment terms for title loans in Phoenix range from 8 to 48 months.


      Requirements For Car Title Loans In Phoenix

      Vehicle Ownership: You must have a paid off and lien free vehicle to use as collateral for a title loan. The car needs to be titled in your name and you must sign over the pink slip after signing a contract.

      Identification: We need a driver's license or state ID showing you're an Arizona resident. If you don't have a valid ID, you can get a replacement driver's license or state ID at any MVD location in Pheonix.

      Income Verification: We need to know you can repay the loan, whether through pay stubs or bank receipts. In some cases, you can provide proof of income through social security documents or other government documents.

      Registration: Your vehicle must be registered in the State Of Arizona.

      Insurance:  You need comprehensive insurance coverage on your vehicle. The vehicle needs full insurance coverage if it's stolen or damaged in an accident.

      Inspection: This is the final step where we verify that your car is in good condition. The inspection takes less than 40 minutes, and most customers can get their funds during the same visit.


      Bad Credit Title Loans In Phoenix - How Do They Work

      Getting a title loan in Phoenix is possible even with a low FICO score! The difference between us and traditional lenders is that we offer a secured loan that uses your car's equity as collateral. Keep driving your car while making payments on the title loan and don't worry about your credit history when you apply with Express Car Title Loans! You can get the title back once you pay down the loan balance! One drawback of these bad credit title loans is that you'll get a high interest rate, and that's common with most customers here in Phoenix. We recommend that everyone shop around for the best deal and apply for a refinance or loan buyout after you've made consecutive on time payments on your title loan.


      What Are The Benefits Of Title Loans In Phoenix

      Lower Rates: Express Car Title Loans offers the best rates in Phoenix. We won't stop you from comparing quotes to get the best deal, but we're confident you'll get the lowest APR with Express!

      Flexible Repayment Plan: We will work hard to get you the best deal and monthly payments on your loan. Call us if you can't make a payment or need a quicker payment term. Express Car Title Loans will work with you to get the best rates on a Phoenix car title loan!

      Save Money: Don't worry about additional fees or charges. There are no early prepayment penalties with a title loan in AZ! We offer lower rates, lower payments, and a faster payoff, which means more money in your wallet! 


      Call Express at 888-864-7180 to see how much you can get with a car title loan in Phoenix! We offer low rates with manageable repayment terms, so apply today!

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