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Apply today with Express Car Title Loans to get an instant funding title loan in Tucson. We accept all paid off vehicles as collateral with loan amounts starting at $1,000.

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      We Offer No Hassle Title Loans In Tucson

      Express is offering the best title loans in Tucson. These loans are a no-hassle way to get cash when you can't qualify with a personal loan company. Do you own a car; is it under your name? Then, you can get approved for $2,500 to $45,000 in less than one business day! It's easy to apply and only takes a few minutes to complete our online form. We need your contact details, email, vehicle make and model. Once you enter your details, our customer service representatives will call you to explain the process and how much cash you can get in less than a business day.​


      In 5 minutes or less, you can complete the Express Car Title Loans online form! It is entirely online so that you can skip the hassle of meeting with us in person. Once you apply online, our customer service representatives will give you a call!

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      Maybe you prefer to contact us directly over the phone. You can speak with one of our customer service representatives and quickly confirm any details or questions you might have! Then, we will proceed with the required documentation to process your request for a title loan in Tucson.


      If you want to stop by our offices directly or in person with a lender, you can do it all in one visit. It will also take just a few minutes to review your application for a Tucson car title loan, make sure everything is good to go, and confirm how much you can borrow!
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      WELCOME TO Express Car Title Loans

      Anyone with a lien free vehicle can qualify for a Tucson title loan. Funds can be sent straight to your checking account!

      Are you looking to borrow over $2,500 with a title loan in Tucson? Well, Express Car Title Loan can help process and underwrite your application! We know what you need to get approved, and most customers can get their cash in less than one business day! These loans are outstanding for anyone who needs help getting a short-term loan because of poor credit. Best of all, you can get your loan proceeds in 24 hours or less from any licensed lender in Arizona. Count on direct deposit straight into your bank account, or you can get your funds in person from a local company.

      Rates & Terms To Expect With A Car Title Loan In Tucson
      The APR and repayment terms for a title loan in Tucson are set in accordance with the lending regulations in Arizona. As of 2024, you can borrow $1,000 to $25,000 and most vehicles will qualify if they're paid off and registered in your name. Interest rates depend on your borrowing profile. But you can expect an APR of 25% to 150% for both title loans and registration loans.


      Requirements For A Tucson Title Loan

      Vehicle Title Under Your Name: The vehicle has to be titled in your name, and there can be no other lienholders or lenders on the car's title. Most vehicles with a lien free pink slip will qualify for an online title loan in Tucson.

      Registration and Insurance Coverage: Is your car registered with the DMV, and do you have updated tags? We also need evidence of comprehensive insurance coverage.

      Proof of Income: We need to ensure you can afford the monthly payments for a title loan. Verify your income with employment stubs, bank records, or disability documents.

      Proof of ID & Residency: We need evidence that you're an Arizona resident. You don't need to live in Tucson, but we need proof that you're reside in Arizona.

      Vehicle Inspection: If you're borrowing more than $3,000, you must bring the vehicle for a quick inspection at any lending location in Tucson. The inspection takes less than 30 minutes, and we will confirm the VIN and odometer readings.


       How Does A Bad Credit Title Loan Work In Tucson

      You submit some information through the application form; then, we contact you to verify your details and see if there are any special requirements. Once your loan gets approved, we must submit your title, which we take as collateral, and that is why we don't usually require you to have a good credit score. You keep driving your car, and when you finish paying the loan, we give your title back! Getting a bad credit car title loan in Tucson is easy, so apply with us today to get funded without a credit check!


      What Else To Know About Title Loans In Tucson

      Hassle Free Approval: There is no need to spend unnecessary time dealing with banks or complex documents. You may already have what we require, and we can provide you with an answer in just a few hours after you apply with us! 

      Fast Money: We can deposit the confirmed loan amount directly into your checking account in just a few minutes, and we will work to get you the repayment plan that best fits your needs. 

      The best interest rates: We offer the best interest rates for Arizona title loans! See our disclosure or call us directly to confirm it for yourself! 

      Don't give up the keys: We do not ask for the keys once you get your title loan. Your car's equity—not the vehicle itself — is all we need to qualify you for a Tucson title loan!

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