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Apply now to get cash in 24 hours with Express Car Title Loans. We offer fast approval for title loans in Santa Fe and anyone with a paid off vehicle can qualify for up to $25,000!

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      We are here to give people in Santa Fe a fast way to get cash with our car title loans. You may be in an unprecedented situation that requires some expenses, but you can get the extra fund you need through a simple and effective process. You own a vehicle, is it under your name? Then, you can get from $2,500 to $25,000 in less than one business day! It's very easy to apply. It just takes a few minutes to enter basic information like your contact number, email, vehicle model, and year. Once you enter your details, our customer service representatives will call you to explain the process and how much cash you can get.


      The best and fastest way to apply for a loan with us is to complete a simple online application, which asks for some contact information and vehicle details. You can start in minutes the process that will give you the money you need.

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      You can do it over the phone if you want a more personalized approach. Our friendly customer service agents are ready to help you and resolve any questions. In minutes, they can verify the essential documentation through our system and confirm the authorized loan amount.


      Prefer to go in person? You can meet directly with one of our associate offices across New Mexico. You can provide your information and documents and complete everything in just one visit. Then, you can determine how you want to get your money right there on the spot.
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      We Offer Fast Approval Auto Title Loans In Santa Fe NM

      At Express Car Title Loans, we offer a quick approval like no other. In just hours, you can receive confirmation for the loan we can give. That way, you can skip all the lengthy revisions banks and other finance companies make. We only require your car title and basic documents. We also provide the best amounts since we consider the equity of your car! Don't wait anymore; go to our online application form. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to see more information on this page, like requirements and disclosures. You can give us a call, and we'll happily assist you.

      Interest Rates For vehicle title loans in Santa Fe
      Title loans issued in Santa Fe are subject to state regulations in New Mexico. As of 2024, there's an interest rate cap of 36% for equity loan amounts between $2,501 and $10,000. These title loans last from 8 to 48 months and there may be additional fees such as prepayment fees and late fees.


      What's Required For A Title Loan In Santa Fe, NM

      Want to know what are the essential documentation we require? Alright! 

      Car title: Yes, you must be the car's owner, and your name must be on the document. 

      Identification: Please use a government-issued ID, such as your passport or driver's license, so we can verify your identity. 

      Residence: Documentation that shows your current address and that you live in New Mexico. 

      Income Verification: We must see if you can repay the loan at the time you choose. 

      Car inspection: This is the final process, where, in 30 minutes or less, we verify that your car is in good condition and matches the proposed value. 


      I Have Bad Credit - Can I Still Get A Title Loan

      Most of the time, there is no need for a credit check, since we consider the value of your vehicle and the title as collateral. Before you proceed, we recommend examining your options and considering that you will agree to a repayment plan. Once the loan is fully paid, we give the title back. Explore and ask for our interest rates, which vary according to every client's situation.


      The Benefits Of A Title Loan In Santa Fe

      Fast Cash: We offer a quick solution when you need it the most. With minimal paperwork and just one call, you can receive the funds in your preferred method. 

      Bad Credit? We Can Help: We typically do not perform extensive credit checks. This makes title loans accessible to individuals with poor credit or no credit history.

      Keep Driving: Keep the keys to drive your car and continue the routine. You have to make sure you follow the repayment period. 

      Flexible Loans: Our amounts are the best within the market, and we are open to negotiating according to your situation and the car's value! 

      No Extensive Documentation: As the requirements section states, the paperwork is minimal and doesn't require you to make many unnecessary trips.  

      Quick Approval: We have the best approval rates; better yet, we don't waste your time! We will give you a quick answer for the money you want here in Santa Fe! 

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