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Apply now with Express Car Title Loans to get a same day title loan in Albuquerque. You don't need good credit with loan amounts over $5,000!

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      Have you been looking for a loan of $3,000 or more? We know how difficult it is to get approved with unsecured lenders that require excellent credit. At Express Car Title Loans we offer a solution for anyone with a clean and clear vehicle title. Our title loans allow you to borrow cash using the equity in your vehicle. These secured loans can last for 6 months to 3 years and you're able to repay the balance with a monthly payment you can afford. There's often no credit check when you apply with us online and customers can get their funds in 24 hours or less from a local lender in New Mexico.


      This is the easiest way to apply for a loan in Albuquerque. Start your application with Express Car Title Loans online and we only need your vehicle make and model with minimal contact info.

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      We Offer Same Day Approval For Title Loans In Albuquerque!

      Are you looking to borrow more than $2,500 with a title loan in Albuquerque? The good news is that Express Car Title Loans can help to process and underwrite your application! We know what you need to get approved and most customers can get their cash in less than one business day! These loans are great for anyone who's having trouble getting a short term loan because of poor credit. With an online title loan you don't need decent credit and many lenders won't even run a typical credit check. Instead they're focused on the equity in your vehicle and a newer paid off car can get you approved in no time!

      Interest Rates For Albuquerque Title Loans
      The APR for a title loan in Albuquerque is based on your vehicle's value and your ability to pay back the loan. Expect an interest rate between 25 and 36% for most title loans under $10,000 in NM. As of 2023, there are no interest rate caps for loans over $10,000.

      Requirements for Express Car Title Loans in Albuquerque NM

      1. You must provide collateral in the form of a paid off vehicle or one that’s nearly paid off with significant equity. The car has to be in your name and you need a physical pink slip to hand over to your lender.

      2. The vehicle needs to be worth more than $6,000 to qualify for most title loans in Albuquerque. Lenders will typically have a minimum loan amount of $2,500. You can often borrow 40-55% of a vehicle’s value so you will have trouble qualify for a loan with any car or truck under that amount. Determine your vehicle’s title loan value by looking up comparable sales in New Mexico based on the year, make, and model of your car.

      3. Documentation proving you’re a resident of New Mexico and valid registration info. Any drivers license or state ID will be fine and we need updated records from MVD in Albuquerque.

      4. Income Verification. We must ensure you can repay the loan! Just because you qualify for an auto title loan based on the vehicle’s collateral doesn’t mean you can repay the loan! We need to know how much you make each month so we can set a reasonable monthly payment and payoff amount. Send in bank statements or some documentation from your employer to verify this info.