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Are you looking for a quick cash loan in Farmington, NM? Express Car Title Loans now offers access to title loans with loan amounts up to $25,000. We have a rapid approval process with fast 24 hour funding!

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      Express Car Title Loans offers the best title secured lending terms and rates for customers in Farmington, NM. With our online application, you can get a no hassle lending estimate in minutes that shows your expected loan amount, interest rate, and repayment terms. There's no obligation when you get a quote from Express Car Title Loans and we can often approve anyone in New Mexico who has a paid off vehicle and proof of income. So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more about how title loans work and what it takes to get approved with Express Car Title Loans!


      It takes just a few minutes to complete our online application. After that, we'll review and underwrite your loan, with the possibility for same day funding in Farmington.

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      We Offer Instant Approval Car Title Loans In Farmington

      Are you looking to borrow over $2,500 with an auto title loan in Farmington? Well, Express Car Title Loan can process and underwrite your application in no time! We know what you need to get approved, and most customers can get their cash in less than one business day! These loans are ideal for anyone who been turned down for a short term loan because of poor credit. We will provide you with the best repayment plan for a title loan in Farmington so you can pay off your loan quickly and get back on track with your finances.

      Interest Rates For vehicle title loans in Farmington NM,
      All title loans issued in Farmington are subject to state regulations in New Mexico. As of 2024, the APR for title loans of $2,500 to $10,000 is capped at 36%. Loan amounts over $10,000 have no interest rate cap and no set repayment term. Your monthly payment is determined by the lender and generally based on your loan amount and desired repayment term.


      Requirements For Car Title Loans In Farmington, NM

      Vehicle Titled In Your Name: You need a lien free vehicle that's fully paid off. That means you need a physical copy of the pink slip, which will be signed over to a lender.

      Registration and Insurance Coverage: We need proof of registration from the MVD with up-to-date tags on the vehicle. We also require comprehensive vehicle insurance coverage.

      Proof of Income: We need to ensure you can afford the monthly payments for an auto title loan in Farmington, NM. Verify your income with employment stubs, bank records, or disability documents.

      Proof of ID & Residency: We need evidence that you're a New Mexico resident. You don't need to live in Farmington, but we need proof that you're a state resident. You can verify residency with a utility bill, mortgage document or rental agreement.

      Vehicle Inspection: If you're borrowing more than $3,000, you must meet with a lender in person to have the vehicle inspected. You'll also need to verify the VIN and current mileage of the vehicle.


      The Benefits Of A Car Title Loan In Farmington

      Getting approved for a title loan is easy: Don't waste time dealing with banks who ask for dozens of documents to underwrite your loan. At Express Car Title Loans we primarily need your car's title. With that, we can provide you with lending decision in just a few hours after you apply with us! 

      Fast Money: We can deposit the loan amount directly into your checking account in less than 24 hours, and we will work to get you the repayment plan that best fits your needs. 

      The best interest rates: Express Car Title Loans offers access to the best interest rates for a New Mexico Title Loan! See our disclosure or call us at 888-864-7180 to confirm it yourself! 

      Keep driving your car. We do not ask for the keys once you get your title loan. Your car's equity is all we need to qualify you for a Farmington car title loan, not the vehicle itself!


      I Have Bad Credit - Can I Get Approved For A Title Loan?

      Yes, bad credit will not be a factor when you apply for a title loan in Farmington! We use your car's title as collateral, which makes your credit score far less important. Make the required monthly payments, and after that, you'll have your title back! So don't lose sleep over your FICO score or lack of credit history. Express Car Title Loans will do what it takes to get your loan application across the finish line with the chance to get funded in one business day! Call Express Car Title Loans at 888-864-7180 to learn more about our title loan lending options in Farmington!

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