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Apply today with Express Car Title Loans to get cash for your vehicle's equity. We offer loans up $25,000 in Las Cruces and you don't need excellent credit to qualify!

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      Interested in obtaining a loan for more than $4,000? We understand getting credit with a bank or financial institution can be time-consuming, especially with a low credit score. At Express Car Title Loans, we can help you! How does it work? You provide us with basic documentation but most importantly, your car title, and then you get in contact to see how much money you can take just for the value of your car! We offer flexible repayment plans, adjusted to your preferred time and capacity.


      It's easy to apply for a loan in Las Cruces. Just start with our online application, put in your vehicle model, year, and contact information. That's it!

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      Maybe you prefer applying over the phone, we have the option to speak to a representative who will gladly assist you with the process and in just minutes, verify how much you can get with the loan.


      Prefer to do it face-to-face? You can meet with a direct lender. We have multiple offices in New Mexico, so you can have the convenience of providing the information listed below and receive your money with just one visit!
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      We Offer Instant Approval Title Loans In Las Cruces

      We are ready to provide you with the best service and guidance through obtaining a car title loan. Our years of experience and great representatives have helped us give clients the financial aid they are looking for. We have one of the highest approval rates in the country, just by going to our online application form and helping us by delivering some documents, you will receive in just minutes confirmation on how much money you can get! You decide the convenience of getting the loan, by direct deposit, transfer, or in personal collection through our certified lenders.

      Interest Rates For Las Cruces Title Loans
      The for a title loan in Las Cruces is based on the state lending laws in New Mexico. As of 2024, interest rates are limited to 36% plus the federal funds rate for loan amounts between $2,500 and $10,000. Loan amounts that fall outside of this range are not subject ot interest rate restrictions.


      Requirements For Express Car Title Loans In Las Cruces, NM

      Please consider the following requirements if you want to apply for a loan with Express Car Title Loans in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

      Vehicle Ownership: You must have a clear and loan-free title for the car you intend to use as collateral.

       Identification: Please provide valid identification documents to verify you are the owner. Most of our clients present their driver's licenses.

       Income Verification: We need to verify you have the income to repay the loan, whether through pay stubs or bank receipts.

      Registration: Document where we confirm your vehicle is registered in the state of New Mexico.

      Insurance: Important, as we make sure your car is protected against any type of accident.

       Inspection: Final process where we verify that your car is in optimal condition.


      Can I Get A Title Loan in Las Cruces With Poor Credit

      Sure! It is possible to still be eligible to get a title loan in Las Cruces. The difference between us and traditional lenders is that we offer a loan that is secured since we take your car as collateral. Don't worry, you keep driving your car, continue with your day-to-day and once you repay, you take the title back!
      But keep in mind, that although you are still eligible, you may be subject to a higher interest rate or a shorter repayment period.


      What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Title Loan In Las Cruces

      Fast Cash: Our title loans are a quick way to get cash. Sometimes it takes just a few hours to get approved and get the loan. This can be an opportunity if you are in an emergency.

       Keep Driving Your Car: As we mentioned, the best part is that you keep driving your car. You don't have to give us the keys, just the car title!

       Flexible Repayment: We help you establish the best repayment period that best works for you. Our agents are fully committed to offering the best financing terms for New Mexico title loans!

       High Amounts: Depending on the value and status of your vehicle, you can get in just one day up to $50,000!

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