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Express Car Title Loans has you covered for all your title loan lending needs in Gallup. We offer fast cash title loans up to $25,000 and you don't need good credit to qualify!

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      Express Car Title Loans offers fast funding options for title loans in Gallup. These loans are a straightforward way to get cash when you can't qualify for a personal loan. Do you own a car; is it under your name? With just the equity from your vehicle, you can get approved for $2,500 to $45,000 in less than one business day! It's easy to apply for a title loan in Gallup and only takes a few minutes to complete our application. Once you enter your details, an agent will call you to explain the process and let you know how much cash you can get. Read on for information about requirements and interest rates for a car title loan.


      You can complete the Express Car Title Loans online form in just minutes! We'll then process your application and contact you to verify the vehicle details and funding decision. All we need is your vehicle info and requested loan amount.

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      You can call our customer service line at 888-864-7180. Speak with one of our agents to quickly confirm your vehicle details and loan amount! Get an instant lending decision in minutes when you apply over the phone.


      Express Car Title Loans is a licensed direct lender in Gallup. You can meet with us anywhere in New Mexico to get cash for your vehicle's equity. We provide same-day cash funding for anyone with a paid-off car that's worth $5,000 or more.
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      We Offer Online Car Title Loans In Gallup

      Are you looking for a lender that offers instant approval for a loan that uses a vehicle as collateral? Apply with Express Car Title Loans! Our online application process makes it easy for you to get a same day lending decision and all we need to know is the year, make and model of your vehicle. There's typically not a credit check and most customers can approved with little to no credit history.. We have years of experience helping customers in Gallup and there's a good chance you'll get approved for a title loan of $2,500 or more if you own a vehicle and can verify income!

      Interest Rates For Gallup Title Loans
      The interest rate for a car title loan in Gallup is based on lending restrictions in New Mexico. As of 2024, lenders can charge an interest rate of no more than 36% for title loans between $2,500 and $10,000. There are no additional limits on repayment terms and interest rates for title loans over $10.000.


      Requirements For A Car Title Loan In Gallup

      Paid off vehicle titled in your name: All types of cars and motorcycles, all years and models, can qualify for a title loan. Even if your car has over 100,000 miles, you can still qualify if there’s enough equity in your vehicle. But the car has to be fully paid off, and no other liens or loans are attached. 

      Income Verification: We need proof of income from your employer or bank showing you can afford the monthly payments. We accept employment records or bank receipts. We can also verify income with social security documents or other bank records showing income sources.

      Vehicle registration and proof of insurance: Is your car registered in New Mexico, and do you have an insurance policy that covers the vehicle if it’s damaged or stolen? If so, you should have no trouble getting a car title loan in Gallup.

      Vehicle Inspection: This is the final process where we verify that your car is in good condition and matches vehicle resale values in Gallup. This inspection process only takes 30 minutes and there's a good chance your loan amount will be higher if the vehicle is in good condition.


      I Have Bad Credit - Can I Qualify For A Car Title Loan In Gallup

      Are you struggling with bad credit? We can help you get a secured loan when other lenders only want to turn you down. We encourage clients with every type of credit history to apply and see how much money they can get with the equity from their car or motorcycle. Bad credit is not a problem as we use your car's title as collateral for a loan.


      What Else To Know About Gallup New Mexico Title Loans

      You don't have to worry about early payment penalties with Express Car Title Loans. Feel free to pay off your loan ahead of schedule without any additional fees. We want to make it easy for you to pay off your title loan, so we only work with local lenders in Gallup that offer car title loans with no pre-payment penalties.

      You can refinance your title loan at any time. That means you can lower the interest rate on your existing loan and get a much quicker payoff term! Or perhaps you're in a situation where you default on an existing title loan and need a lender to buy out that loan and get you a fresh start. Express Car Title Loans can get you new repayment terms on a car title loan in Gallup, New Mexico. Call us today at 888-864-7180 to get an instant lending decision with us!

      Express Car Title Loans offers title loans in New Mexico. Check out our other locations throughout the state!