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Apply now with Express Car Title Loans to access the equity in your vehicle. We offer fast approval car title loans in Savannah and anyone can qualify regardless of their credit score!

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      We Offer Same Day Title Loans In Savannah

      Express Car Title Loans now offers Savannah residents a quick and efficient solution to borrow money with a car title loan. You can secure a loan amount of $3,000 or more just with the equity from your car! The main reason car title loans don't require excellent credit is because we use your car as collateral for the loan., and most applicants can receive instant pre-approval in minutes! Our process is straightforward and all we need is your car's make, model and year to get you a quote. Apply online or call us at 888-864-7180 to see how much money you can borrow with a title loan in Savannah Georgia!


      Get an initial funding decision in less than an hour when you apply online with Express Car Title Loans. All we need to get you a quote is your vehicle details, contact info, and desired loan amount!


      Call us anytime to speak to a customer service agent and get a quote over the phone. We'll walk you through the application and start underwriting your loan.


      Apply With Express Car Title Loans to be matched with a local direct lender in Savannah. We work with a network of companies in GA that will compete for your business!
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      Auto Title Loan Requirements In Savannah GA

      The most important requirement is a fully paid off car, valued at $3,000 or more. We use the vehicle title as collateral for your loan, allowing you to continue to drive it while making the monthly payments. You must also verify you live in the state of Georgia and that you are able to afford the repayments, showing proof of income from employment records or bank statements. We need comprehensive insurance coverage on the vehicle, and a valid ID such as a driver's license or passport. We may also require you to bring in the car for inspection to verify the resale value, and during this time we'll check the VIN, and mileage. Other than those requirements, it's easy to get a car title loan in Savannah and Express Car Title Loans has you covered! Apply online or by calling 888-864-7180!

      Rates & Repayment Terms With Title Loans In Savannah
      There are no limits on interest rates and repayment terms in Savannah, GA. As of 2024, you can only have one title loan outstanding at any given time and lenders are limited to offering 25$% or less of your monthly take home salary.


      Why Get A Title Loan In Savannah

      Choosing a car title loan in Savannah is a great way to get fast cash and take advantage of the equity in your car! With this in mind, you skip the hassle that personal loan companies and banks make customers go through during underwriting, and you can get cash for your vehicle's collateral. We are confident in our service and can offer you the best deal with the best terms and conditions. Here are a few other reasons to choose Express Car Title Loans in Savannah:

      These loans fund quickly: When you apply online and send in all the requirements, you can get a car title loan in less than a business day. That means money is sent straight into your bank account in just hours! 

      High loan amounts: Car title loan amounts can range from $3,000 to $25,000 in Savannah! Loan amounts are primarily based on your cars resale value, mileage and mechanical conditions. 

      No pre-payment penalties: Save on interest charges by making early payments with no additional penalties! This flexibility is offered to customers in Savannah to save some money in the long run! 

      Refinance anytime: Express Car Title Loans offers the possibility of a lower interest rate with a title loan refinance. Whether seeking to lower their APR, extend the repayment period, or adjust the monthly payment we can help to get you back on track with a more favorable payment plan.

      Sigue conduciendo tu coche: Since we only need your car title as collateral, you can keep driving your car and continue with your daily routine without affecting your work or day to day tasks. Your car's title is the is security for the loan and that's signed over to a lender once you agree to the title loan terms.


      Bad Credit Title Loans In Savannah - How They Work

      It is possible to get approved for a car title loan in Savannah, even with bad credit, since we take the pink slip as collateral, which is by far a more reliable option for us than your FICO score. With that in mind, make your monthly payments and avoid defaulting since your car can be repossessed anytime because of lack of payment. If you ever find yourself in that situation, call us at 888-864-7180 to learn more about refinancing a Georgia title loan.


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      Express Car Title Loans can be your best option for same day car title loans in Savannah! Not only can we get you pre-approved in minutes, but the underwriting process is quick and only requires your car's title and proof of income. Another benefit of Express Car Title Loans in Savannah is that we offer access to high loan amounts based on your vehicle's value. Whereas some companies only offer 20% to 40% of the car's value as collateral, we work with lenders in GA that offer up to 70%. That means you can borrow more and get approved quickly for a car title loan. Call Express Car Title Loans at 888-864-7180 to learn more about our equity lending options in Savannah, Georgia.


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