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Apply today with Express Car Title Loans to cash out equity from your car, truck, or motorcycle. We offer fast cash approval for anyone in Columbus with a paid off vehicle and proof of income!

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      We Provide Fast Cash For Title Loans In Columbus

      We are delivering the best car title loans in Columbus, GA! Do you need quick cash? Are you interested in taking advantage of the value of your car and getting a loan of up to $40,000? It's because of that we don't take an interest in your credit score to provide you with a generous amount of money and help you achieve your objectives. Our customer service team is ready to help you with the process and any questions. Also, you keep your car! There is no need to bring us the keys. We consider the title document collateral so you can continue driving while making the agreed repayments. Once you are done, we give it back!


      Start your application today! Express Car Title Loans fast funding online. Provide basic car information and your preferred contact method so our team can help you through the rest of the process.


      You can call us at 888-864-7180 to confirm the loan with our representatives over the phone. Our team is fully prepared to give you the money in just a few hours!


      You can also get approved with a local lender. We collaborate with title loan providers around Columbus to take applications in person.
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      We offer up to $50,000 for your car's equity!

      It's easy to get a title loan with us; as long as you have a lien-free vehicle and income verification, you are good to go! It just takes a couple of minutes to apply online. Then, you will get contacted by one of our customer service representatives to confirm the loan amount you can get. Express Car Title Loans can send you the funds you are looking for in just one business day. Anyone in Columbus can qualify. What is the best part? You keep driving your car. Apply with us today!
      Keep Driving Your Car

      Rates & Terms to expect for a title loan in Columbus: Title loans in Georgia are subject to the same requirements as payday loans and cash advances. All these types of loans are regulated by the Georgia Installment Loan Act.


      Requirements For Columbus GA Title Loans

      Paid-off vehicle titled in your name: All types of cars and motorcycles, every year and model, can qualify for a title loan. Even if your car has some miles, you can still qualify if there’s enough value available. But the car has to be fully paid off, and no other liens or loans are attached. 

      Income Verification: We need proof of income from your employer or bank showing you can afford the monthly payments. We accept employment records or bank receipts.

      Vehicle registration and proof of insurance: Is your car registered in Georgia, and do you have an insurance policy that covers the vehicle if it’s damaged or stolen? 

      Vehicle Inspection: This is the final process where we verify that your car is in good condition and matches the value from our system. This process only takes 30 minutes or less and can secure you a more significant loan amount.


      How Much Can I Borrow And What Types Of Vehicles Qualify

      Borrow up to $50,000 with a car title loan that uses your vehicle as collateral. It all depends on your vehicle model, year, and status. We run a fast and efficient process to verify how much your car is valued and then give you a proposal. Most cars that are year 2011 and newer will qualify for a title loan of $2,000 or more in Columbus, GA!


      Benefits And Drawbacks Of Title Loans In Columbus

      Here are some of the benefits: 

      Fast process. Fast Cash: Our process is designed to get the financial aid you need quickly. You can skip the hassle of verifying whether you qualify for another loan or credit from banks or companies. We understand that time is valuable. 

      Everyone can qualify. Many banks require a good credit score. Car title loans are available for people trying to build or rebuild their score since we take the equity of your car as collateral. 

      Essential documentation: We want you to make only necessary trips. You may already have all the documents we require! 


      Some of the drawbacks: 

      Short-term loans: Since we offer a fast process, our loans can have quick repayment windows, but you need to determine how much you can afford to pay each month.

      Your car is the collateral: Although you keep driving your car, remember that if you miss payments, you may have your vehicle repossessed. There are regulations in Columbus that protect you in the event of a repossession, but do what you can to avoid defaulting on a title loan!

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